Sunday, February 8, 2015

Here's a title for my blog post

Yeah so when you don’t blog for 7 months remembering your password to log into your own account can be an issue. But alas, my password has been recovered and mankind will be saved. Here’s a quick update on the last few months of my existence:

Running: After my summer of 50 mile races, long days of running and hiking in the mountains, and pretty much nonstop outdoor activity in New Mexico and Colorado… I continued to brutally over-train until I absolutely hated exercising. Didn’t see that coming. I paced my friend for 40 miles in his first 100 mile race, ran Iron Mountain 50k (great race), ran the New River Valley 50k (not doing that again), ran Mountain Masochist 50 miler, and then ended my year with the Richmond Marathon. Which put me at about 10 long distance races for the year and some tired legs. After a month and half off (aka just casual running) I’m back and training for the Boston Marathon which is just 10 weeks away! I’m super excited about it. That’s about it on the running front. Doing less races this year and saving a lot of money in race fees hurrayyyy.

School: Ewww why did I make this a category. Basically it’s going well and I’m now double majoring in Dietetics and the Science of Food, Nutrition, and Exercise! If you’re interested in more specifics about my classes and homework, feel free to leave a comment and I definitely won’t reply.

Work: I have a job at school now because apparently my dad doesn’t want to pay for my expenses for the rest of my life. If anyone else is interested in giving me money with no strings attached I’ll be happy to accept though. Until then, I work in dining services at Tech which is actually pretty fun because the people are really cool and I work with my two best friends. I also had one crazy Saturday night where I applied to 7 summer jobs all across the country…… none of which I’ll be going to because I just found out that I’m doing research for seven weeks in Madagascar this summer. Pretty cool stuff, I’m jealous of future Keely’s life. I’ll be focusing on food security and malnutrition (probably eating a lot of rice and maybe petting some lemurs while I’m over there).

Adventures: Over winter break Hannah and I went on an epic road trip from Pennsylvania, down the coast to Florida, and then back up to Virginia. We stopped at some insanely cool places and spent a lot of time finding random parking lots to sleep in (current parking lots that are acceptable to sleep in: church, library, movie theater, grocery store, and park). We were only questioned by the cops once. Charleston is rad. Savanah, Georgia is super hipster for any of you hipsters, hipster posers, or hipster wanabees. Tree house hostels are probably more fun when it’s not 10 degrees outside. Shuffle board is not just for old people. 7 mile canoe trips can test your friendship..? The Coca Cola factory is AWESOME (even if you don’t like soda). Springer Mountain is the worst possible start to the Appalachian Trail…. No wonder so many people don’t finish hiking it. After like 0.9 miles the trail disappears and they’re probably like “fuck it, I didn’t sign up for this.” Tennessee has some WEIRD cities. Long trail runs are kind of miserable if it’s cold, foggy, and raining. Not showering for five days makes you feel gross. Beds are literally the best.

Miscellaneous:  Almond milk is my new favorite thing. Like if someone was threatening to murder my sister or pour out my almond milk….. I would save my sister because I’m not a psychopath. But after, I would go buy some more almond milk. Hannah and I plan to hold hands for 8 hours straight just to see if it’s possible. The apple I ate two days ago was subpar and I was kind of sad for like 10 minutes because of its graininess. I really need to get antivirus software on my computer because it’s not working well (but on the bright side, I have so many chances to “Click here to claim your $1,000 prize!!!!”). I ran out of cheerios so I’m going to the grocery store tomorrow. 

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  1. But the real question is how have your carrots been as of late? That's the true indicator of how your life is going.